101 Dalmations Magic Board

My Li'l Puppy Magic Board Flourescence Board is what this toy is called. It comes from the same line as the My Li'l Puppy Viewer.
The card features several 101 Dalmations puppies and the Dalmations parents. Actually, the packaging is quite nice to look at. There are littly doggy footprints all over the card and there is a nice rainbow that stretches across the top of the card.
Here is a look at the label for this toy:

The board measures about 9.5" X 6.5". The actual writing surface is about 4" X 6". There is a plastic pen like device that you can use to write on the board. To erase what you have written on the board, you slide that little yellow know located in the lower right corner of the board from right to left. Theknob is attached to a stick that runs across the face of the board. This toy looks like it was made pretty cheaply, so I bet that the erase function doesn't work very well.
Located above the board are four stamps that you can use to stamp shapeson the board.
The image of the 101 Dalmations puppies that is on the board can be removed by pulling it out from the bottom of the board. I suppose once you take it out, that's it, it is gone forever from the toy.

This is a kinda nice little toy. But for the price (less than two bucks), I think you get what you pay for. It probably won't work very well.