101 Dalmations Phone

Here is a play phone that has taken some of the characters from Walt Disney's 101 Dalmatons cartoon.

Here is the label for the toy:

Now if this doesn't say Disney, I don't know what does.


How about a pic of the whole toy as packaged?

Let's see. This toy comes on a really thick piece of cardboard. The name Musical Phone is given a 101 Dalmations motif. And how about the characters? All the dogs pictured on the card and the phone are the 101 dalmation puppies. I think that's the Mom on the receiver end of the phone. This toy operates on a couple of AA batteries. I don't know what song is played since I only have this one phone and I am reluctant to take it out of its package.

Here is a close up of the phone

All in all, the bootleggers did a nice job on this toy. The artwork doesn't look like they hired some artist to copy the 101 Dalmations animation for their packaging. The animation may actually be taken from some authentic Disney source.