More 10" Mexican Batman Figures

The figures pictured on this page are variations on some Batman figures that are located on one of my "Oddball Batman" pages. The pics here will give ya a better idea of what these things really look like. 

Here is one of the figures as in its original package. I bought the figures on this page in Mexico. Many of the bootleg figures I have bought down there come packaged like this. The figure is dropped into a plastic bag and a cardboard label is stapled over the bag to seal the figure in. 


All the figures on this page are based on the same mold. The only difference is the color plastic used to make the figure's body. 
Here we have a black cowled Batman with a red body. 

This Batman figure sports a red cowl and black body. But the shorts this figure is wearing are also red. Could that be a trend? The cowl matches the shorts?


The final figure features a grey bodied Batman. Again, the color of the cowl matches the shorts. 
See that blue thing around the figures shoulders? I have no idea what it is for. The cape that comes with these figures has a loop around it so ya can secure it to the figure. So that piece of blue plastic has nothing to do with the cape. 


These Batman figures stand ten inches tall. They are made of a hollow plastic. The articulation is at the neck, arms, waist and legs. The legs actually only rotate in or out. One difference between these figures and the ones on my oddball Batman page is that the word "Batman" is not printed on the bat logo that is stuck on the figures chest. So far I have managed to snag seven variations of this figure. I wonder how many more are out there?