1985 Godzilla

Here is a figure that is probably my oldest bootleg toy. It is a Godzilla. While I do not think this figure was produced in 1985, I did find it in the early nineties before I discovered the joy of adding bootleg toys to complement my toy collection.
Take a look....

Well, it's pretty obvious why I call this toy 1985 Godzilla. That's what the bootleggers called it.
I assume that the japanese characters on the card spell out Godzilla in Japanese.


Here is Godzilla in all his glory. This figure stands only two and a half inches tall. The card measures only 5" X 7". As you can see in the pics, the card features two Godzilla action figures in battle against each other. Heh. The bootleggers even included a nice little smoke effect in the picture. 
All in all, this is a nice little Godzilla toy. 


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