6 Inch Star Wars POTF Bootleg Figures

Hey everybody! Here are some more Star Wars bootleg toys that Alan Munguia fixed me up with. There toys were packaged on POTF cards. But the bootleggers changed the scale. Personally, I think these figures Rock!


Pictured above is a ATST Driver. Actually, the figures stand more like five and a half inches tall. The card ID's the figure as a Sandtrooper. Does that look like a Sandtrooper in the pic? 
Like almost all bootleg toys, the back of the card is missing trademarks and copyright info. 

Here is a Rebel Soldier. He comes packaged with a blaster rifle and a nice minty green colored backpack. 


This Stormtrooper's face has been given a green paint job. I suppose that this could be the Sandtrooper without the shoulder pad.
Waddaya think?



Here is Sandtrooper Luke. Probably my favorite of this series. The bootleggers gave a good shot at geting Luke's face right. 
At least he doesn't have that bugged eyed look that the smaller scale POTF bootlegs have. 


Here is Luke in Hoth gear. Again, the bootleggers did a great job with this figure. Hoth Luke comes with a blaster gun.


This Imperial Gunner is probably the most boring of the figures in this series. I mean, come on, he is just all black. On his helmet is a silver star. This figure comes with two different rifles. 

All in all, this is one outstanding bootleg toy series. The fact that these figures are made in a larger scale. Along with the fact that the bootleggers put some great detail into the figures and their weapons make this particular line of bootleg toys one of my favorite Star Wars bootlegs. If any of ya run across these things in person, you will be significantly impressed. Really. 

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