7 Toys Batman

Here is a Greek Batman knock off. This figure is from a toy line ( or could it be a toy company?) called 7 toys. I guess in some ways, this figure has a Playmobil look to it.


You'll be glad to know that the makers of this toy noted that it is Non Toxic on the bottom right corner of the box.
Now come on! Is that figure in the pic Batman or not???

This four inch tall figure sports 9 points of articulation. Including at the ankles. Guess the bootleggers couldn't find the time to add some articulation so we could turn the figure's head. Ah well. Heh. Take a look at the next pic....

Looks to me like somebody's been telling Bootleg Toy lies. What is it with the freaking Pinocchio nose?
Ah well, this is a pretty keen Batman figure that I'm glad I've added to my collection.