Alien Bootleg Toys

I have not seen too many bootleg Aliens toys out there. All I have are three toys. Two of them are manufactured by the same company. If you have any and would like to trade, please let me know. 

Here we go............. ! 

This toy was sent to me by a collector out in Cincinnati. I have never seen this toy out here on the west coast. Of the three Aliens bootlegs I have, this is my favorite. It comes from a series called "Space Cop". The figure is called the Extra-Terrestrial. It stands about five and a half inches high. The card is one sided. The paint job on this figure is actually pretty good. What do you think? 


Next up are two play sets from the same manufacturer. The series these toys are from is called "Star Adventure". This first playset is a dart shooting game. The Alien is painted blue. He stands about the same height as the Aliens figure in the Space Cop series. On the card he is described as being 13 cm tall. This play set comes with the following; the Aliens figure, a "friction powerd turbo plane", a soft dart archery shooting set and 2 targets. What I reall like about this play set is the artwork on the card. You have a drawing of the Alien and a space battle scene in the background. Not a bad item for $2. 


Also from the Star Adventure series is this three figure play set. A blue Alien is in this boxed package. This time the Alien has an attachment that goes around his waist in order to gime him wings. There are two other figures in this box. I cannot identify the molds they were taken from. So if anybody out there can help me in identifying the figures, I sure would appreciate it. The artwork on this package features the Alien and some spaceships that look remarkably like those used in Star Trek. The back of the box features a nice little battle scene with three of the star ships in battle over a planet. 

Front of the box
Back Of The Box

That's it for Alien bootlegs. If you run across any and would like to trade, please let me know. Thanks!