American Hero
Here is a three figure set that I obtained in a trade (Thanks Colin!). I never saw this particular bootleg toy set in the US.  
The name of this set of toys is American Hero. No relation to the other American Hero bootleg toys elsewhere on this site. 
Here's a pic of the card art. As you can see, pictured on the card are Spider-Man (with green eyes), The Prowler and Spider-Man in his alien costume.  
The card is very compact. It measures only 6.5" X 7.5".  
The figures themselves stand about 2.5" tall. They appear to be made of a pvc-like material. Or maybe plastic.  
The paint job on these toys is pretty good. There are no major blemishes on any of the figures. 
Here is Spiderman. The bootleggers pretty much hit this figure on the mark. 


I figure, based on the card art that this is supposed to be Alien costume Spidey. But if you are a Spider-Man toy collector, you will recognize this figure as Spider Sense Spider-Man.. Spidey's spider logo on his chest is red and while you cannot tell by looking at the pic, Spider-Man's eyes are really half withe and half green. Because of the black on this figure, it is hard to make out any details. 


The last figure in this set is The Prowler. At least I think it is supposed to be The Prowler. This bootleg Prowler figure has no cape.  
The paint job on this figure is probably the poorest of all the figures in this set. But it is my favorite. Simply because it is the first bootleg Prowler figure in my collection. 


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