American Hero

This three figure set features Batman, Robin and Spiderman. The figures are based on original molds. I gotta tell ya, both Batman and Robin look pretty bizarre to me. But! That's pretty cool if ya ask me. 
Here is one of the figures and the card it is on:

I love the card art! It features various Super Heroes. IncludingWonder Woman, The Human Torch and Starman. The card measures about 10" X 7". All the figures stand about eight inches tall. The articulation is actually pretty good. Elbows, knees, waist, shoulder joints and head all have some articulation. As a matter of fact, you can rotate the heads all the way around. Each figure in this series comes with almost the same accessories. Batman above has a white sword, white high techie looking rifle, a black hand gun and another black rifle. Spider-Man and Robin both have similar weapons. 

This purple Batman comes with a plastic cape. Batman, along with the other figures in this series also has a plastic belt around his waist that has a holster attached to it.   

Gotta love that smirk on Robin's face. What's obviously missing from Robin's costume is the R logo. 
I don't know why, but on the sides of Robin's legs the bootleggers painted a little black patch.

This is a pretty good rendition of Spider-Man. Heck! Even the Spider on his chest has eight legs painted on it. 
Like all the other figures, Spidey has a belted holster. 

All in all, this is a pretty cool set. Great artwork on the card and the figures actually look pretty good too. My only complaint about this set is the fact that the bubble the figures are mounted under is made of hard plastic. This makes it very easy to dent and crack
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