Superman The Animated Series Bootleg Figures

Well, don't be fooled by the title of this page. These Superman figures aren't really based on the animated series figures. Nosireee Bob! These figures are based on the molds from The Man Of Steel Superman figures. Only this time, the bootleggers put the figures on STAS cards.


See what I mean? That's Laser Superman in the pic up top. Umm, doesn't look like all the accessories for this figure made it into the bootleg toy package. 
Now seeing how this toy was scored in Brazil, the card for this series of bootleg toys is much more compact than your regular bootleg toy package. The card this figure is mounted on measures in at a measly 8.25" X 6". 

Y'know, I am not really sure which Superman figure this is. Anybody wanna gimmee a little help? Pleeeeeaaasssee??
Ah, I recognize this bad boy. It's Conduit. This is probably the best looking Conduit bootleg figure I have. 

Here's a Superboy figure. Take a look at the S logo on the figure. Are the colors supposed to be reversed from your standard Superman S logo colors?

Now here is Laser Flight Superman. The bootleggers forgot to add a little grey paint to this figure's left leg.

Now getta loada this figure? This is actually a bootleg figure from Superman The Animated Series. The figure came on a regular size card. Heh. This is my first Brainiac bootleg figure. Not only that. But if there is one bootleg toy from STAS, then there are probably other bootleg figures out there. Woo Hoo!

Now the bootleggers took some serious liberties with Brainiac. Both the figure and the accessories are the wrong colors. I was pretty thrilled to get this figure. Not just cuz it's my first Brainiac bootleg toy. But because this toy only whets my appetite to find other bootleg STAS figures. 
A big bootleg toy thanks just has to go out to my buddy Jorge for the scoring these toys for me.