Another Mexican Batmobile

I Love Batmobiles! I don't know why. I just do. Probably cuz when I was a kid, I had a Batmobile pedal car. It was the grandest thing! When ya pedaled away, there was a static generator located at the back of the car that caused sparks to fly from the rear. It was the best!
Anyways, here's another bootleg Batmobile. Like others I have, this was located in Mexico. Cost me two bucks. So I bought like, four of them.

Now this toy comes in your typical Mexican bootleg toy packaging. A cardboard card stapled to a plastic bag. Y'know, the artwork on the card has a signature located just below the front tire of the motorcycle. I wonder if the art was hijacked from somewhere? Or maybe the bootleggers artist wanted to make sure he got credit for his work?

The Batmobile measures just over six inches in length. The sticker on the rear of the toy says Bat Man under the logo.There's no steering wheel and no windshield on the car. Guess the bootleggers didn't have the molds for them. Or maybe it would have driven up the cost of the toy.  
This particular package has two Batman figures in the car. As you can see, the bootleggers didn't even bother to remove the extra plastic when the figures were taken out of the molds. 
Other packages have a lousy looking Robin figure in it.



Well, for all it's cheesiness, this is a totally fun addition to my collection. Y'know, the Mexican bootlegs tend to be really, really crappy pieces of junk. But that's probably why they have a special place in my heart.