A Bugs Life (Ante)
This series of bootleg figures is taken from the Disney cartoon A Bug's Life.  
Check out the name of this line of toys:  

This line of toys is called A Bug's Life. On the right hand side of the card is the word Ante. Now in spanish, ante means "Before". I don't think that is what the bootlegger meant when they named this toy line. They may have been meaning to call this line of toy "Ants" and they messed up.  

Now I am pretty sure that the bootleggers have put all of the figures in this series of bootleg toys on the card that the character Dim came on. The card measures about 9" X 6". Here is a shot of the back of the package.  


Surprisingly, there are no typos on the card back. All the figures pictured are named correctly. As usual, the bootleggers have ommitted any signs of the copyright or manufacturers names on the package. 


There are four figures in this bootleg toy series. Hopper, Dim, Heimlich and High Wire Spider. These figures do not really require much painting to them. So the bootleggers opportunity to mess them up is quite limited.  

Heimlich here is painted pretty much the same as the original figure. I think the red dots along both sides of the figure should not be there. Also, each of the green circles should have a red circle around them.  


Here is Dim. He is practically the same as the real Dim toy. The only difference between the bootleg Dim and the real Dim are the legs. The real Dim's legs are painted a light blue. The bootleg Dim's legs are made of green plastic.   

Here is High Wire Spider. With the exception of some small paint imperfections on the face, this figure is exactly like the real toys.   


Last of the figures in this series is Hopper. Like all the other figures in this series, there are just some small variations in the color of the bootleg figure. Otherwise, these toys are virtually the same as the real toys.  
One thing I don't know is if all these figures did come on a card. And if they did, were they carded as a single figure, or were there maybe two figures on the same card?