Here are some bootleg figures from the movie Antz that was just released late in 1998. There are five in this series. This isn't a very exciting line of bootlegs if you ask me. These toys hit the mark pretty good. There are only some very small variations from the "real" toy line.

Here is a pic of the front and the back of the card. What's different from the "real" packaging? Well, the card and the bubble are just a little bit smaller in size. The bubble shoud have an insert to make it look like the figure is being looked at through a microscope. The name of the figure is also missing from the lower left portion of the bubble. Inside the bubble are supposed to be three small strips with quotes from the movie. You can put the strips on the base the figure stands on. These bootlegs don't have the strips.
These figures are all on the card for the character Z from the movie. What's missing from the back? Well, the usual lack of trademarks, copyright and other manufacturing information. Also missing is the description of the character that should be on the left side of the card.

Antz Front                    Antz Card back


Here is General Mandible. The authentic figure is a lighter shade of brown and doesn't have the green at the tip of the spear. Also missing is the banner that should be in back of the figure that reads "Mega Tunnel Opening day!"

General Mandible

Colonel Cutter here looks almost exactly like the real figure.

Colonel Cutter


Princess Bala is also pretty much right on. The only differences I can see in this figure is that the neclace and charm around her neck aren't painted in colors as vivid as the authentic toy. The same goes for the little circles of green that are on her antenna.

Princess Bala



Here is Z. His map is missing one of the little drawings of an ant head on the lower right corner of the map. That is about all I can find wrong with this bootleg figure.


Z's buddy, Weaver. He comes with a pick axe and a spear.  I think the "real" Weaver figure is a lighter brown color than this figure.


That's it for this series of bootleg toys. Nothing very unusual about these toys. Which is too bad. Personally, I like it when there are big differences between the bootleg toy and the "real" toy.