Anything For A Buck

Okay. Here at Bootleg Toys The Undiscovered Playthings, I've posted tons of toys that are obvious counterfeits. Now I can understand that bootleggers will take a known character and either outright counterfeit a toy or just create a knockoff of a popular character. Alot of the toys that I post to this site are pretty funny. Once in a while though, I come across something that makes me shudder.What's pictured below makes me realize just how far some people will go to make a buck. 
I find the game below more than a little disturbing. I'm normally not one to judge other people. But I think the people who made this game are creeps. Anyways, this really bothers me. If ya wanna know why, take a look:




Well, if it's not really obvious why I'm bothered by this. Take a closer look at some of the pics on the packaging.


That''s supposed to be a plane crashing into one of the World Trade Center buildings. 


Those are just a couple of the real pics that are on the package. Real pics that were taken the day of the attacks. The pic on the right is the screen of the game. Now I don't know what the game play is like. I really don't care. But boy, I tell ya, what some people will to do to make a buck. I mean, the Titanic-Bot pictured elsewhere on this site is troublesome to me. But this thing really sucks. The makers of this game are capitalizing on an event where thousands and thousands of innocent people were killed. Ya''d think they'd have some kind of conscious. But then again, there were a bunch of slimeballs who put World Trade Center stuff on Ebay the day of the attacks. So something like this shouldn't really surprise me.
Anyways, I just wanted to show you this. Just so you'd see what kind of sick fucks are out there. Believe it or not, there was another hand held game called American Blunder. The freaking thing was packaged in red white and blue.