More Beast Wars Bootleg Toys

The Beast Wars bootleg toys on this site are a more recent find. Although I have no doubt that they have been around for awhile now. 

Take a look at the packaging:


 Okay, the card the figures are mounted on looks alot like the other Beast Wars bootleg toys on this site. But there are some obvious differences. First, the most obvious, the way the figure is mounted on the card. Where the figures on other Beast Wars bootleg toys are mounted giving us a side view of the figures. This series lets us see the figures from the top. I actually prefer this look because you can see the figure in all its bootleg glory when ya turn the card to the side.
Speaking of the card, it's considerably smaller than other Beast Wars bootleg toys cards. This one measures almost 10" X 7". The card back features pics of several Maximals and Predacons in the Beast Wars series. The bio specs and the transforming instructions are for Razorbeast and Armordillo. 

Here are the two figures in this series. 

First up is Razorbeast. 

Quite frankly, this Razorbeast figure is a much better bootleg toy than the one in the Tigatron bootleg series. The paint job of the figure is much more crisper. This figure also appears to be put together better (You will have to trust me on that). 


The other figure in the series is Armordillo. Now I have never seen this figure as a bootleg toy prior to this set. But take a peek at the figure and tell me if  ya see something obviously wrong. 

Well, if ya collect Beast Wars toys, then it's pretty obvious what's wrong with Armordillo. He's not supposed to be white, gray and red! The original figure is primarily orange and gray. But what the heck! It's a bootleg toy. And bootleg toys can be whatever colors they wanna be. 
FYI, Armordillo measures a tad over 4.5" from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. 

Okay, I am on Beast Wars expert. But I really like these figures. So what if Razorbeast is painted too crisply? And who gives a heck if Armordillo is white? They are bootlegs and they are based on the Beast Wars toy line. That's enough for me!