Baby Godzilla

This page features some rather boring bootleg toys featuring the Baby Godzilla figures from the 1998 Hit (?) movie Godzilla. Now, personally, I think these are rather boring bootleg toys. Simply because it seems that the bootleggers hit the mark exactly with these figures. But that is just my opinion. You be the judge of these figures.

Here is a pic of the whole card that the figures come on. The card measures about 12" X 9". As you can see, this line of bootleg toys is called King Of The Monsters. It features the Godzilla themed artwork on the front of the card. Unlike the Godzilla figure featured on this site, the card back is just plain old cardboard (and rather flimsy cardboard to boot!)


Now, there are three baby Godzilla figures in the King Of The Monsters bootleg series. I assume that there is really no paint jobs performed on these figures which may be why they match the "real" toys so well.
If I remember right, each figure had a paper insert with the Baby Godzilla's name. These figures have been left unidenitifed. What were there names? Slasher, Thrasher, Happy, Doc and Sleepy? I don't remember.    :-)
Anyways, here are the three figures. Happily, one of them came with the arm all ready out of it's socket. This saves me playing time before it breaks. Now I can take it out of the package broken all ready  .:-)
The broken figure leads me to assume that all the figures are put together with rather poor quality standards and will fall apart rather quickly.



Here is the one that is BIP (Broken In Package) as opposed to MIP (Mint In Package)
Hmmm, would a broken bootleg toy in an unopened package be worth more than an intact bootleg toy in package???

That's it for the King Of The Monsters Baby Godzilla bootlegs. What'dya think?

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