Bagged Batman Bootleg

This Batman figure is one of my more unusual Batman bootlegs. While the figure is definitely not based on any Batman toy line. There is no doubt that the bootleggers are portraying Batman.

This particular Batman figure comes in a plastic bag. The label has been attached to the bag with staples. That's right! Staples! No glue for this Batman bootleg.
The label for these figures has no name for the toy. Just a little artwork on each side of the label.


Now the artwork on the left looks like it is from the animated Batman series. But I gotta feeling that it is original artwork based on the animated Batman series. 
The pic on the right is definitely original. And if ya ask me, the way the bootleggers drew Batman, well, I think Batman looks a little chubby there.

This is the Batman figure. Batman stands about just a little over eight inches tall if ya count his Bat Ears. The figure has tons of articulation. Ankles, knees, hips, waist, shoulders, elbows, wrists, neck all can be turned to all kinds of angles that make this Batman figure one heck of a contortionist. 
Yes! That is a sword that Batman is holding. And in hid holster is a gun. 
This figures is very similar to the Space Police Power Ranger or Cyclops elsewhere on this site. As a matter of fact, I have a Space Police figure that looks sorta like this particular figure.


This red Batman is the only other version I have seen of this figure. Yup! That's the bag that Batman comes in. 
For some reason, the bootleggers didn't give this red Batman a red gun.


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