Bambi Mini Figures

Here is a set of Bambi figures that I picked up in Koreatown. These things are awesome looking for bootlegs. Nowhere on the figures is any kind of Disney trademark. So while the quality of these things is excellent, there is absolutely no way that these things are legitimate. 
These figures come stuck to a piece of cardboard using double sided tape and then inserted into a clear plastic boxythingamabob.

Okay, there are two pics above. I wasn't trying to match up the text. So that's why it looks a little "off". 
Now I haven't seen the movie Bambi in ages. But I still remember how much I cried when Bambi's Mom died. Anyways, Thumper and Bambi are pictured on the left.
Below are three more figures. There are actually 10 figures in the set. But I only managed to get 9 of them in the pics. Yeah, call me lazy. But anyways, the figure that is missing is a racoon that's next to Thumper.


These little guys stand only a couple of inches tall. But I gotta tell ya, I am absolutely impressed with these suckers.