Bart Simpson Doll

Here is my first real Simpsons knockoff. This arrived from Singapore courtesy of my buddy Ee. It arrived totally unexpected. I guess Ee wanted to surprise me. Boy was I! Not just once. But twice (more on that in a bit).


This is it! A bootleg Bart Simpson doll. It's pretty obvious that this is a poor attempt at Bart. Just take a look at the shoddy workmanship. Heh. Getaloada where Bart's ears have been placed. 
But I have to tell you. This Bart Simpson bootleg has a very bad secret. One that I'm gonna share with you right now. 
This Bart doll has a voice chip located somewhere in his little bootleg body. This voicechip has little Bootleg Bart saying things you'd never hear him say on television. If I'da been wearing a hat when I heard the things this doll was saying, why, my hat would have flown right off!
Here's what old Bootleg Bart says:
F**king Jerk! Eat S**t! F**k You! You're An A****le!
Wow! Such language! 
Anyways, maybe the bootleggers knew what Bart was saying. Maybe they didn't. But somebody must have been trying to shut the little guy up. Take a closer look at Bart's face.


That's right! Somebody tried to sew Bart's mouth shut. Hmmmmm. Maybe somebody in China (where I assume this was made) does have a bit of a conscious. 
Anyways, for those of you who must know. Bootleg Bart stands about nine inches tall. His clothes cannot be removed. There's no tags or anything that identifies the maker of this thing. But I gotta tell ya. Simply cuz of the language, this is one of my favorite Simpsons creations! Thanks a bunch for snagging this for me Ee!