Bat Fighter

The Batman figure on this page is one of my oldest bootleg toys. I think I have had this for about ten years. This sad, pathetic figure was at the bottom of a pile of toys in a storage box hidden behind some junk in my garage.
After looking him over again, I figure that's where this sucker belongs. Buried and forgotten. 


Here is probably the best thing about this toy. The label. As you can see, the figure is called Bat Fighter. 
Well, everything about this label screams Batman at ya. I suppose the whip in Batman's right hand and the pinwheel in the other are supposed to throw us off the trail. 

Now this is how most Batman figures from Mexico are packaged. But I found this thing right here in So. Cal. 
Batman, ya deserved a better fate than this. 


Batman stands about 10.5" tall and is hollow. He has some articulation in the arms, head, waist and legs. The way the legs swivel, it's almost like a karate kick that Batman's trying to hit ya with. 
Every part of this figure's body is ready to fall off. The quality put into this Batman figure is just about the poorest I have ever seen. 


Here's a close up of the figure. Sure. Batman looks good. But trust me. He's just about ready for the bootleg toy junk heap. I guess I'll just have to take extra special care of this toy. 
If ya look real close at the center of Batman's chest, that dark circle is a black bat logo. Really. There's a bat logo there. 


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