Bat Hero Bootleg Batman Figures


Here are two different versions of the Bootleg Bat Hero figures. The packaging is identical. The only difference is that one Batman figure comes with a weapon accessory.   
The box these figures come in is fragile and both the box and the plastic window are easily dented. I personally never saw these figures in a box without any damage.   
The artwork on the back of the box is identical to the art on the box front.


Here is a boxed version of Batman and Robin packaged under the Bathero toy line. These figures were located in Mexico. The two figures stand about ten inches tall and are made of a hollow plastic. The capes also are made of plastic.  
As is the case with most bootleg toys, there are no trademarks or copyrights on the packaging.  
The logo from the animated Batman series has been ripped off. But the artwork featuring Batman and Robin appears to be original.   
I have this version of Bat Hero with Batman in other costume colors.


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