Batman's Mach 5

Yup! You aren't imagining it! This page features a bootleg Mach 5. Only with a twist. Gettaloadathis!

Okay, these two figures vaguely resemble Batman and Robin. If you collect Batmobiles, then ya probably recognize these figures. But I know one thing. I have never seen a purple Batmobile.
Holy Bootleg Batman! What the heck happened here? That ain't no Batmobile! That's the Mach 5! Now everybody knows that Speed Racer drives the Mach 5. Heck! There's the M on the hood. And how can anybody not recognize the shape of the car. 
I can just imagine the story that put Batman and Robin behind the wheel of the Mach 5. 


Here's another shot of the toy. The Mach 5 measures about five inches in length. It's made outta really, really, really thin plastic. I'm not kidding. If the plastic wasn't colored purple, I could probably see right through it. 

Here's an view of the bottom of the Mach 5. The tires are made outta your basic cheap, generic plastic. The figures and windshield are mounted on the toy using pegs that are inserted into holes in the car. 

Wow! Y'know,this cheap little Mexican toy is a typical crappy toy that ya can find in Mexico. But it's now one of my favorite Mexican toys. I mean, come on! I haven't seen a bootleg Mach 5 until this toy showed up. To top it off, the bootleggers made this toy even cooler by adding my favorite super hero.