This is the card for this line of Batman and Robin figures. The artwork is all original. The figures are bootlegs of actual molds from the Kenner line of Batman figures. I am pretty sure that the molds are from the Batman Forever line of figures.  
The bubble these figures are mounted under is quite fragile. The bubble also range in size depending on what accessories are packed with the figure.  
The quality of the paint jobs on these figures ranges from average to poor.


The top figure is Batman in a brown and blue costume. This figure comes with a Strikewing vehicle accessory.  
The bottom Batman figure comes with the Bola Bullet. The accessories in both of these packages are not taped in very well.  
Check out the artwork on the Bola Bullet Batman package.
This Batman figure comes in a package that identifies this figure as Razor Skate Robin. While mispackaged, this is a nice looking Batman figure that comes with a TurboJet Batwing.
Here is Robin packaged with a Batmobile. How the figure is gonna fit into that Batmobile is beyond me. 
In this package, there is a picture of Batman and his Batmobile taken from one of the Batman movies.
This second Robin figure comes on a package marked Batman/Jet Foil. 
Here are the last two figures in this series. 

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