Bat Knight Batman Bootleg Toys


Without a doubt, these are probably the best looking and best packaged Batman bootleg toys I have ever seen. The paint jobs on these figures is outstanding. And the way that the bootleggers packaged these figures is great. 
The bootleggers have taken these figures and made them into one whole series of toys. These figures come both in a box and carded. Not only that, these toys come in two different scales. 
Here are the carded ten inch Batman figures.

Here is the logo for the carded  Batman Bat Knight figures. Nowhere on the card is the name Bat Knight. But if ya check out the boxed version of the Bat Knight figures, you will see that similar pics are on those packages.
There are three different versions of Batman. The accessories that come with Batman are the same ones that come with the boxed version. They are two rifle like weapons and a missile that can be launched from one of the rifles. These are the same weapons as seen with the boxed Bat Knight figures.


This is the yellow and black version of Batman. Since I have shown these figures in the boxed Bat Knight versions, for this page, I tried to get some close ups to show some of the detail in the face. 
The mold for this Batman figure is the same mold that is used for the Robin figure in the Bat Knight series. All the bootleggers did is swap the heads and change the paint jobs.


Here is the silver and black Batman figure. That scowl on Batman's face is present on all the Batman figures.
This is the last of the ten inch carded Bat Knight Batman figures. It is identical to the other two pictured on this page. The only thing that is different is the paint scheme.
Boy, I gotta tell ya, I really, really like the Bat Knight bootleg toys. They are super cool.

Y'know, I picked the Bat Knight figures up back in '95 or '96. They disappeared for a long time. Then around Christmas of '98 they popped up again. They are gone now. But who knows? Maybe they will show up again this Christmas season.

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