Here is a neat Batmobile wannabe that is packaged under the name of Batman. This toy is probably the most bizarre Batmobile in my collection. But it's a Batmobile and I love it!

Here it is, in its nice colorful box. This Batmobile is one of those Bump and Go vehicles. On the back and sides of the box, underneath the Batman name is the phrase "Nevolence and Righteousness". Spelled just like that. I have no idea what it means in relation to this toy. 



This Batmobile knock off is the only one in my collection that actually has a Batman figure in it. 
Batman is red with a Bat logo sticker on his chest. Batman also has a rifle molded into his right hand. 
Those stickers on the side of the vehicle say Batman on it. 
Take a close look. There is no steering wheel in the cockpit. That gold thing in the cockpit is just a square piece of plastic.



Here is another view of Batman. When you turn the toy on the eye-like parts on the front end light up. Actually, the whole front end rises up and down while the dark portion in the rear of the car spread out and then close. All the while, the vehicle is also making bullet like sounds.  

All in all, this actually a pretty fun toy to play with. 

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