Batman Beyond

These bootleg toys are not based on Batman Beyond molds. Sorry. But the figures are mostly based on the Animated Batman series. Here is a portion of the card with the title of this toy line on it.

As you can see, there is an animated Batman theme on the card. 
The package is a four pack of Batman figures. Three of the figures are based on Animated Batman figures. While the fourth Batman figure is based on one of the movie Batman figures. 

Here they are.......!


All these figures stand about five inches tall. I have no idea if the paint job on these figures matches the "real" toys (although I am pretty sure that the figure on the right is not painted correctly).
I dug around to see if I had these animated Batman figures somewhere but I couldn't find them. If anybody knows what Batman figures these toys are based on, feel free tosend me an email
While there is really nothing exciting about these bootleg toys (the paint jobs are actually pretty decent), they are Batman bootlegs. So I am glad I was able to add them to my collection since Batman is my favorite Super Hero. 

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