Batman Bootleg Toys

Without a doubt, Batman is the character that I have the most fun collecting.  There are just so many different versions of Batman. Granted Kenner makes the most out of Batman. But the bootlegs are something totally different. Anywhere from my favorite bootleg, SILVERBAT, to the almost right on bootlegs of the Legends Of The Dark Knight series. Batman is probably the Bootleg toy manufacturers favorite (or is it easiest?) figure to make. If you ever see a batman bootleg toy out there that isn't on this page. Please email me and maybe we can work a trade. I really am looking for almost anything Batman. Especially the Canadian bootlegs. So feel free to email me if you have anything that might interest me.

Here we go.................!!!!!!

Super Deformed Super Heroes


Legends Of Batmen Beyond

Mexican Twelve Pack

Batman Beyond (sorta)

Another Mexican Batman Bootleg

7 Toys Batman

Wind Ups

Mexican Legends Of The Dark Knight

Turbo Power

Super Power

Batman Candles

More 10" Batman Figures

Bat Fighter

Mexican Batman Beyond

Dark Hero

Marble Shooter Batman

Total Team

Super Powers Batman

Batman & Robin Three Pack

Ninja Force Ninjas


Mexican Two Pack

More Mexican Batman Figures

Baggie Batman

Legends Of The Black Batman

Marvel Team Up Bootlegs

Super Power Batman


SILVERBAT(My personal favorite!)

Batman And Robin 2 Packs

Batman And Robin Singles


Skateboard Batman

Mini Bathero

Batman And Robin

American Hero

Super Hero

Oddball  Batman Stuff

Legends Of Batmen

Bat-Man Knock Off Toys



Batman Robots

Superhero Twin Packs

Batman Water Game


Power Man

Batman Transformer

Coca Cola Batman

Batman Beyond

Mexican Batman Vehicles

Ground Assault Batman

Batman Set

LODK Biker Batman

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