Batman Candles

Okay, this page doesn't feature any toys. But these candles are so freaking bizarre, that I just had to share them with ya. I found these bat, er, bad boys in Mexico.

Well, that tall candle is supposed to be Batman. The smaller figure is Robin. I found these in one of the little markets that sell candies and party goods (not THAT kinda partying!). There are a whole bunch of different characters that have been made into candles. Off the top of my head, I can remember Disney's Tarzan, a couple of Rug Rats and Hello Kitty candles being sold in this store. I remember that I paid two bucks a pop for these things. It was kinda expensive and I couldn't bargain the price down any. That's why I only got these two candles. 


This Batman candle is a mess! The wick is stuck to one of Batman's ears. No cape comes with this representation of Batman. 
The candle stands about 7" tall.

The Robin candle is a much better rendition than that Batman candle. But then again, that's really not saying much. 
This candle stands about 3.5" tall. The candlemaker actually did a decent job on the Robin logo.



These bizarre incarnations of Batman and Robin are pretty neat. I don't think I'll ever be lighting these candles though. I bet the wick has lead in it. I also won't be storing these things near anything I value. I don't know why, but these candles stink. Really. I mean, Peeeeeuuuuuuuuhhhh!!!!! 
Maybe on my next trip south of the border, I'll snag some of the other characters for ya to see.