Here are some of my bootleg Batman toys featuring the Batman and Robin packaging. It seems the bootleggers only had two Robin figures to work with. Razor Skate Robin and Ice Board Robin. There are several versions of Batman and a Batgirl figure (which I will post at a later date). Bane, Poison Ivy and Mr Freeze are also bootlegged in this series. 
Most of the paint jobs on these figures are kind of poor. Though occasionally a good paint job will slip through. The label on the front of each package features Batman and Robin on it. With the 2 pack called "Brain vs Brawn". The back of the card features 16 pictures of the figures and accessories from this line. While there is no sign of any manufacturer or copyright on the card, there is a bar code placed on the back of the card. 
 I will post more pic of the other two packs and the infrequent singles of this series as soon as I dig them out of my toy box.  :-) 
Here is an example of the packaging this bootleg toy line comes in. As you can see, it is identical to the real toy packaging.  
All the figures come on a Brain VS Brawn card. As usual, there is no sign of any trademarks or copyrights on the packaging.  
The card measures 11"X 8.5". The bubbles on the cards are a little fragile. 
Here is a package with two Robin figures. Razor Skate Robin and Iceboard Robin
This two pack features Heat Scan Batman and Razor Skate Robin
Hover Attack Batman and another Razor Skate Robin.
Another Razor Skate Robin along with Mr. Freeze.
This two pack features Battle Gear Bruce Wayne and, you guessed it! Another Razor Skate Robin.
This last two pack pictured includes Batgirl and another Robin figure.  
Not pictured from this series is the two pack with Poison Ivy and Robin. 
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