Batman And Robin Batmobile

This Batmobile is another excellent Batmobile knock off. I have looked all over to try and find where this Batmobile mold could have been taken from. My only guess is that this Batmobile looks an awful lot like a slot car Batmobile that was produced a few years ago.
Check out this neat looking Batmobile.......

Here is another view of the Batmobile.......

Whoaaaa! I'm getting dizzy looking at this pic! 
What's the scoop on this Batmobile? Well, it is made of diecast metal. This car is about an inch high and just over five inches in length. This vehicle has incredible detail in the paint job and the cockpit. 
Another neat thing about this Batmobile is that it is a pull back vehicle. That's right! You pull it back on the ground to wind it up, then let 'er rip and off it goes. 
This Batmobile is one heck of an addition to my Batmobile collection. It's one of my favorite Batmobiles and it isn't even an authorized Batmobile. 

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