Batman Robots
The Batman robots are one of my favorite bootleg toys. These used to be quite common, but now are difficult to locate.  
The robot is packaged under the toy line name of Super S Heros.  
It stands aboout thirteen inches tall. This is a pic of the robot as packaged . 
Boxed Robot

        The Super S Heros line of robots includes Superman, Wolverine, a white Power Ranger, The Masked Rider and another anime type character (who I suspect is from the Saint Seiya anime series).  
        The robot when turned on, walks forward, stops, says a few words like "Halt!"  "Drop your weapon" and "Fire!!". Then machine guns sounds go off and the robots upper torso starts spinning around. It really is kinda neat to watch.
Batman Robot


 This is another version of the Batman robot. It is slightly larger due to the bigger head. The feet also have been painted black and gold. Also, the body is a little larger that the Batman robot pictured above. Note the difference in the arms from the first robot pictured on this page. 
A friend who I sent this robot to noticed something about the robots head. He emailed me the info to share with you all.  
The robots head is just a rubber Batman head piece that can be removed (not without some difficulty). Check out the head that is underneath the Batman head.  
This guy sure isn't Bruce Wayne, eh? 

A big thanks to Kevin Vincent for noticing this. 

Big Head Batman Robot 
Batman Robot Unmasked 


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