Batman Set

Here are two more Batman bootleg toys that originated in Singapore. The name that these bootleg toys go by is Batman set. I suppose that there may actually be more Batman figures than the two shown here. 


As you can see by the card, this set of Batman bootlegs come in a nice rainbow colored card. Included with the Batman figure are his Hover Attack Board and his weapons. The bootleggers also went and made some changes to the colors of the accessories.
This is the same Batman as pictured above. Batman stands five inches tall and has articulation in his knees, shoulders and neck. 



This is the same figure as pictured above, only this time the bootleggers made the figure out of red plastic. 
Note the difference in the colors of the accessories. 
Y'know, these Batman figures remind me alot of the ones that Chris Doyle recently posted to his site,
If ya haven't been to yet, well, what are ya waiting for? And be sure to take a peek at the Boxed Batman figures Chris reviewed recently. 

All in all this is a fun bootleg toy set! A Batman figure that comes in different flavors. I wonder how many more are out there? And I also wonder what the bootleggers did to Robin?

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