Super Hero

This set of Batman bootleg toys features basically the same figure only in different colors. The mold is based on the Animated Batman figure. All of these figures stand just a shade over five inches tall and come with the same accessory.


The card these figures are mounted on measures about 8" X 5". The accessories include a sword, gun and three missiles that can be launched from the gun. Note the artwork on the card that depicts how to use it. The thing about the gun is that it launches the missiles pretty darn fast. Why, I nearly took out one of my cats eyes with the darn thing. I seriously wouldn't recommend this toy for small children. Not only are the accessories small enough to choke on. But that gun can be pretty hazardous to small children also. 
What were those bootleggers thinking?. 
Anyways, here are pics of all four of the different Batman figures in this bootleg toy series.



Y'know, there is really nothing outstanding about this bootleg toy series. But what the heck! It's another Batman set for my collection. :-)

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