Mexican Batman Twelve Pack

Here's an unusual Batman set. This package came straight outta Tijuana, Mexico. Now ya gotta understand, Batman is probably the most bootlegged figure in Mexico. Only thing is, more often than not, the bootlegged figures are truly horrendous. 
That said, it seems the makers of this figure wanted to get rid of as many of these figures as possible. 
Check it....!


There are a dozen of the same exact figure in this package. The bootleggers must have had extra Batmobile cards laying around cuz that's what the cardboard sealing the figures in says. Of course, all these figures have their hands outstretched. So what does that mean? Only that there are at least a dozen hands stickng through the plastic bag holding the figures. 

Here's one of these ugly little pieces of plastic. Whoa boy! Can you say Pa-Thet-Ic?

The figures stand about four inches tall. Absolutely no articulation. I won't even discuss the paint job or Batman's cape. In the case of this figure, a picture really is worth a thousand words.