Legends Of Batmen Beyond

No.That's not a typo up there. I really meant to type it. Actually, this particular toy is called Legends Of Batmen. There is another set of toys also called Legends Of Batmen. But those toys feature "Batman". This toy has the Batman from the Batman Beyond cartoon. 


Woo Hoo! Pretty cool, eh? There's just something about a super hero riding a horse that just captures my imagination. Probably cuz you normally wouldn't think of a super hero needing a horse to battle crime. 
Well, I don't know what's up with the packaging. On the front, you have the original Dark Knight. On the back, the Batman from the animated series is featured. The toy itself is the Batman Beyond figure. Well, I guess the bootleggers were just trying to let us know that they have access to all these different Batman toy lines.

Here's a close up of Batman Beyond:



The figure comes mounted on a card that measures about 11" X 8.5". The horse is about 7.5" long and stands, oh, let's call it 4" high. Batman has no articulation at the knees. So if you take him off the horse, another ideal place for him to sit is on the toilet. If you take a look at the whole package again, you'll see that the bootleggers even included Batman's cape. 
I really, really like this toy. It's too bad the horse has no articulation. Otherwise, I'd rip this thing outta the package and pose it on my desk. Oh! One last thing! The horse must be Zorro's horse, Tornado. On the bottom of the saddle is a blazing red Z. We all know that Z is the mark of Zorro, right?