The  Batmobile


Many try, but none can be the Batmobile. Here are some nice efforts though.................

These two are a couple of weak examples of wannabe Batmobiles.



This one is called the Stealth Invader. I have it in two different versions. Both are battery operated. One is a wireless remote control Batmobile.
The cool feature about this Batmobile wannabe is that every once in a while, it stops, the tires rotate out and it does a 180 degree turn. But oh is it noisy.
This Stealth Invader is a wireless remote control car. It's default direction is reverse. So if you turn the car on without using the remote control, the car just goes backwards. Of course, the remote control default direction is also reverse. You'd think the people who made this would have at least got the direction right. 

My favorite Batmobile knock off. This one is called the SUPER BAT CAR. The lettering on the box is in the same style as the Batman movie. There are stickers on it that say "NEW FASHION". Pretty neat car! Also pretty noisy!!


Here is one of my latest Batmobiles. It is called a Batbot Changer. The Batmobile form measures about five inches long and an inch and a half high. When transformed, it stands about five and a half inches tall. To my knowledge there are two different versions of this toy. The other version has complely different packaging and a different color scheme. Side by side, the differences are quite visible. I will post the second version of this Batbot Changer at a later date. For now here is the Batbot Changer still in the card.

Here is a Batmobile from Mexico. Okay, it really looks more like a race car than a Batmobile. But what the heck, right? If I remember right, this guy cost me about fifty cents. It measures about five inches long and is not quite two inches high. It is made of plastic and the wheels actually do roll. Underneath this Batmobile is a small hollow area where candy is kept. That's right, this Batmobile has a compartment underneath it that holds about five pieces of Mexican candy. While this isn't the best interpretation of a Batmobile, it does make a nice addition to my collection.  :-)

Here is one more Batmobile wannabee. This car is called the Bat Cop 360. It is called Bat Cop 360 because this car basically just spins around. As you can see in the package, the Bat Cop 360 isn't flush to the floor of the package. That's because the spinning mechanism keeps the front from making too much contact with the floor. The stickers on the front that are supposed to be headlights have a Batman logo type shape to them. On the bottom right corner of the package is reads "Batman". This car only measures about six or seven inches in length. It stands about three inches high. Comes in three different colors. Red, white and black.  Bat Cop 360



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