Ranma 1/2 Super Battle Collection  

This line of bootleg toys features Ranma 1/2. There are two figures in this series of bootleg toys. Both are of Ranma. One is Ranma as a boy. The other figure is Ranma as a girl. This series of bootleg toys comes from a toy line called Super Battle Collection. I am pretty sure that this is a complete rip off of an actual toy line called Super Battle Collection. As a matter of fact, I also have a couple of Dragonball Z bootlegs that are also packaged under the Super Battle Collection series. But those are toys for another day. 

Here is a picture of the bootleg toy as packaged. The box with Ranma as a girl show a drawing of the female Ranma on the front. 


The box these figures come in measures 9" X 6". The figures measure about four and a half inches tall. I haven't taken the figures out of the box yet. But it appears that the arms only can move up and down at the shoulder. Also, there figure has some articulation at the waist. 
There is no sign of a manufacturer anywhere on the box. But this toy actually has a bar code on the back. That is something that is pretty rare in a bootleg toy. 

Here are close ups of the figures: 


While it really doesn't show too well, the paint jobs on these toys leaves something to be desired. There are some minor imperfections in the paint. Take a look at the female Ranma figure. There is a grey spot on the pants! Oh yeah, the panda and the pig also suffer from a poor paint job. 

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