Batman Transformer


This is it! You just knew that it had to happen someday! With the popularity of Batman, and the popularity of Transformers, you just knew that someday a Batman transformer would show up.
Well it finally has! Ladies and Gentleman, The Batman Transformer!


Now the box this toy comes in isn't very big. It only measures about 8" X 5". So you know that the toy isn't gonna be very big.
Check out what the bootleggers did to the log on the Batman image and on the package. Kinda reminds me of a chicken. This Bat Robot is supposed to battle somebody named Zectron. Could this toy actually be taken from a legitimate cartoon or toy line?
The back of the box shows the instructions for converting the Robot to the "Battling Bat." It can be converted in just four easy steps
Also on the back, see the words "BAT" next to the drawing of Batman? Well, there is a blacked out section right next to the word BAT. This blacked out portion probably was the second syllable in the word Batman.

This is the toy in it's robot state. The robot stands about five and a half inches tall. This toy actually has some pretty good articulation.
When in the Bat form, this figure stands about two and a half inches tall.  The chest portion of the figure is hollow and opens up so that the arms can be inserted and hidden while the toy is in its "Bat" state.
Notice how the Battling Bat's head resembles Batmans? Surely that was not a coincidence on the Bootleggers part.


Now for some close up shots of this figure. 
Here is Bat Robot in it's 'Bot state.


Finally, a really good look at the head of this toy. Hmm, if it looks like Batman, then it must be Batman, no? 

Now I am a big Batman fan. So finding this small treasure was a big thrill for me. A Batman Transformer. What will they think of next?
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