Mexican Batman And Robin

One of the benefits of living in Southern California is the fact that Mexico is just a hop, skip and a jump away. I take advantage of every opportunity to head on down there. Of course, while in Mexico, I always keep an eye out for bootleg toys. More often than not, I manage to find some really bad bootleg toys. Usually of the super hero persuasion. This page features a couple of very bad versions of Batman and Robin. 

These two figures come packed in a plastic bag with a slice of cardboard. 
From this pic, is there any doubt who these two superheroes are supposed to be?


First, take a look at Robin. Believe me, he is much more terrible looking in person. Yes. Those black things behind Robin are supposed to be wings. 


The Batman figure is identical to Robin except for the paint job and the head. All the makers of this toy did was switch the location of the gold portion of the torso on the figure. 
Like many Batman figures I have seen from Mexico, the logo on Batman's chest has the word "Batman" under the bat logo.


The wings come off of both Batman and Robin. But the thing is, these figures are not balanced right. I could never get these two figures to stand on their own. . 

What's the deal with these figures? Well, they both stand about seven inches tall. Which makes sense since they are the same figure with different heads. The back and the legs of the figures are all one piece. So there is no articulation in the legs. There is some articulation in the arms. The heads also can be turned. But I think that a rubber band may be holding them in place cuz when I turn the heads, they immediately return to their original positions. 
I gotta tell ya. I have quite a number of Batman and Robin figures that I bought in Mexico. These two are actually one of the best sets I have. Believe me when I tell ya that I have some really, really bizarre ones coming to this site someday. 

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