Beauty Girl

This line of Sailor Moon bootleg toys is called Beauty Girl. While I really don't follow the Sailor Moon cartoon, I gotta admit that these are probably my favorite Sailor Moon bootlegs. I like these mostly because of the packaging. Here is what the top of the card looks like.

As you can see, the card looks pretty colorful. It is a nice pink. There is a moon inside of a heart shape on the top left corner of the card  with Moon Goddess printed around it. The figures on the sides of the card have names of the characters underneath them. The girl in blue on the right is called "Mercury". While the girl on the right is named "Sinsileniti.
There are ten girls pictured on the card. I only have found four figures from this line. But I believe that there are other figures out there.
The four I have are:
Top Row: Sailor Moon and Chibimoon
Bottom Row: Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars.



You can see all along the sides of the cards are characters from Sailor Moon. The names the bootleggers have given them are; Mars Girl, Moon Girl, Telstar, Little Girl, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune and Pluto Girl.
Each of these figures stands almost six inches tall. They each come with a wand accessory and a heart shaped stand to place them on. The card these figures are mounted on measures about 9.5" X 6".
Can you see the drawing of Sailor Moon behind the figures? She is holding a wand and there are some kind of projections coming out of the wand.
Well, that's it for this line of bootleg Sailor Moon figures. If I run across any more figures in this line, I will be sure to post pics of them.

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