Beauty Girl Two Packs

Here is another set of Sailor Moon bootleg toys. Once again, the bootleggers have taken the Bandai figures and gave them their own special packaging. This time, we get the figures in two packs. 

Okay, so that's a sorry looking picture up there. But ya get the gist of this bootleg toy set. Right? 
The card measures 11" X 9.5". Each figure comes with its own heart shaped stand along with a small accessory. 
Here are the names the bootleggers gave the characters pictured on the right side of the card (from the top); Sinsilenti, Moon Girl, Little Girl, Pluto Girl and Telstar. On the left side of the card, top to bottom you have Mercury, Mars Girl, Jupiter, Venus and Neptune. 

On the left is Sailor Mars. That's the star of the anime on the right. Sailor Moon.
Sailor Jupiter and Chibimoon in this pic. 

This two pack features another Sailor Jupiter with a different paint job. Beside her is Sailor Neptune. 

Yawn! Another Sailor Moon bootleg toy set with figures based on the Bandai molds. I swear, I would like to find something Sailor Moon that is truly bizarre. Oh well, Guess I gotta keep on keeping an eye out for one. 

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