Dai Atlas Bootleg Transformer

Sometimes a toy just screams out BOOTLEG! when ya see it.This is one of them. 


Above are pics of the front and back of the box this figure comes in. Below are shots of the box sides.


This here figure is a bootleg of Dai-Atlas. The real figure was released back in 1990 (Thanks Zobovor). There is not one word of English on the package. The box is pretty big. It measures in at about 13" X 9.5" X 6.5".
The quality of the cardboard the box is made outta is pretty shabby. This box dings and tears very easily. 

Here's the Dai-Atlas in all its glory.This guy stands about a foot tall. Not too shabbily made. The quality of the plastic is okay for a bootleg toy. 
Sorry. Although this thing came with instructions (written in Japanese), I didn't bother to transform it.
These are some of the accessories that are included with Dai-Atlas. This stuff came wrapped in some tissue paper. Interestingly enough, the sticker sheet has "Takara Co. Ltd 1990" printed on it.


What made this particular bootleg toy find interesting for me is that this is a boxed Transformer I haven't seen around before. Most of the Transformers out here are carded and feature obscure Transforming toy lines. 


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