Power Of The Force Bootlegs

Well, here are a few oldies but goodies. These are some Power Of The Force Star Wars bootleg toys. They're a few years old. I dug them up outta my garage. Forgot I even had these things. 


Here are views of the front and back of the cards. The cards feature Luke Skywalker with Lightsber and removable cloak. But the thing is, the card measures in at a whopping 10" X 7". Much bigger than the "real" card. As per the usual drill, no trademarks, copyright or any info stating that these toys are authentic. 
Below are pics of the four figures I have from this bootleg toys series. The characters are Leia, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian and Yoda.



Like most of the Star Wars bootleg toys I have, this series features inadequate paint jobs and shabby packaging. The figures themselves stand in at about five inches in height. Nothing really bizarre about them to make them stand out as bootleg toys. But these figures are a nice bizarre part of my worthless collection of toys.