Biker Hawkeye And His Pal Blizzard

When I first saw this toy, I thought cool. My buddy Dare sent me a Batman on a motorcycle. But then I did a double take and realized this wasn't some badly painted Batman figure. Oh no! It was that world famous archer, Hawkeye. 
Not only that. Getta load of who he's riding with. 

Yes. Nestled safely behind Hawkeye is the villain Blizzard. Oh man, this is just too rich. I love this bootleg toy. 


What were the bootleggers thinking? They painted Hawkeye's arms and face white. And what's up with the orange bow, arrow and whatnot? Ah well, those are just some of the minor details that make bootleg toys fun to collect. 
At least the bootleggers didn't screw up Blizzard too much. 

Hey all you Transformers collectors! If ya believe the packaging, the motorcycle is some kinda transforming toy. 
I don't know who it is. But I am sure that somebody from the Bootleg Toys Mailing List will make sure I find out. 


I know that everybody is just dying to find out what the back of the card looks like. So here ya go. 
Basically, it's just the play instructions for the "real" toy. Of course, there are no copyrights or trademarks anywhere on the package. 


What's the deal with these toys? Well, Hawkeye and Blizzard are both based on molds from the 1995 Iron Man toy line. Even though they are sitting down, they appear to be the right height of about five inches. 
The motorcycle that they are riding on is about eight inches in length and about three and a half inches at its highest point. 
I tell ya. This is one very cool bootleg toy. I just love the imagination that the bootleggers used to put this together. Thanks to Dare for scoring this toy for me. 
Hmmm, it seems that alot of the Iron Man figures from this series have been bootlegged in one form or another. I wonder if there is a bootleg Modok figure out there somewhere?