Legends Of The Black Batman

Okay, I don't make up these names. Legends Of The Black Batman is what this bootleg toy is called. Don't ask why. My guess is that the bootleggers think that changing the title from Legends Of The Dark Knight changes the toy enough so that it doesn't infringe on any copyrights. But come on! After ya check out this toy, I think you would all agree that it's definitely Batman.


This logo is on the top portion of the back of the box. The bat logo is taken from the Batman And Robin movie. That drawing of Batman is actually from the Legends Of The Dark Knight toy line.




Here is the Batman figure in the box. I kinda like the color of the box cuz it matches the color of this site.



Here is a close up of Batman. 
Batman is a ten inch tall figure that is made out of hard plastic. 
The toy has articulation at the shoulders, elbows, and knees. You can also rotate the figure at the waist. The mold is from the Val Kilmer version of Batman. 
I like my Batman toys. So this one was a neat find for me. 


There are two more versions of Batman in this bootleg toy series. The figures are exactly the same. The bootleggers only changed the color scheme of the figures. 
The Batman pictured here features a silver and black costume. But this Batman's eyes are painted blue.


The third Batman figure in this series features a gold and silver costume. Batman's eyes are mostly silver with just a hint of blue in them. 

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