Skateboard Batman


Okay, this particular toy should not be confused with the Super Bat Batman that is also on this site. The two toys have no relation to each other. Except for the fact that both of the toys have four wheels on them. 


Hey! A topless Batman! This Batman knock off features a Batman figure sitting on top of a six inch long skateboard. 

Look Out! He's got a gun! Why do the bootleggers always feel an obligation to give Batman a weapon?
By the way, the Batman figure is made of a soft hollow plastic. The figure also stands (sits?) almost three inches tall. 


Here's a top view of the toy. Those eyes on the bat logo that is on the board? They are a part of the sticker. 
I gotta tell ya, I like my Batman bootleg toys. And the odder the better. This one is definitely one of the stranger ones. Why did the bootleggers make Batman sitting down?


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