Episode One: The Bootleg VCD

In case anybody may be interested, this is what the bootleg VCD of Star Wars Episode One looks like. Don't be fooled into thinking that you are purchasing the real thing. The movie has not been released on video yet. 


This VCD version of Star Wars Episode One was picked up in Singapore. The bootleggers did a great job with the packaging. The synopsis on the back of the package is original. It describes what is the plot of the movie quite well. AND there are no typos.  Well, actually, there is one typo. This movie is called Episode I The Phantom MAnace .
In the picture on the left, there is a small globe next to the words "Double Digital" (bottom right corner). This globe is the mark of the bootleggers of this video. Just like the networks on American television place a small logo on the bottom corner of their programming, the bootleggers have placed a Z that is visible throughout the whole movie. 
Bootlegging is a serious problem in Asia. Not only are toys, movies and clothing bootlegged, so are software programs. You can get cds with ten to fifteen different software programs on them. And you can get them cheap. I mean, really cheap.

The movie comes on two disks. Here is a pic of one of the cds. Pretty nice looking. Wouldn't you agree?.

 Considering this bootleg taken from a tape that was filmed in a movie theatre (probably with a digital videocamera), the sound and picture are really pretty good. The audio is in English. But since this movie originated in Singapore, there are chinese subtitles. Funny thing is, with the vcds above, the subtitles disappear after a little while. 

Below is the label for another version of the Episode One bootleg video. This particular vcd is actually pretty good. The picture is full screen. The sound is in dolby stereo sound. When you play it on your DVD player or computer, it comes out in the letterbox format. I think that the movie on this vcd was taken directly off a movie reel. It is really much better than the video pictured above. This vcd is subtitled through the whole movie. Get this! It is subtitled in both Chinese and some other language that I don't recognize. There is a large Muslim population in Singapore, so I suppose the second language is for that part of the population.


As you can see in the pic, most of the text on this label is written in Chinese. But unlike the other label for the bootleg VCD, there are no pics of the ships from the original Star Wars trilogy. 
Don't go looking for this in the US, you won't find it. 
Wait for the release of the authentic version of the movie.

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