Bootleg Vuldigus

Hey Everybody! Here's a guest review of a bootleg Transformer set. Now anybody who knows me, knows that I have no clue when it comes to Transforming toys. So this is a much appreciated review. Take it away Justin!!!

"Booticus" notes

"Booticus" is a term I've come up with for the bootleg Vuldigus set available in a few places. This set has been seen at both Family Dollar and Big Lots stores, at roughly $5 retail. Since the manufacturer is unknown, I would have to assume the same maker for both store sets, since boxes are identical, and other robots in the maker's line have hit both stores(the other sets include a 4-piece insect set, and a 4-piece animal combiner set, both either original sets, or lifted from lesser-known lines). The Family Dollar sets come in military green boxes, with a price tag printed on. The Big Lots sets come in white boxes. Parts included are the same. My set was purchased at Family Dollar.

The basics/general info- First, the colors ARE in the Car Robots "Vuldigus" (or Baldigus/Bardigus, whichever you prefer) color schemes, and molds are based on that set, since weapons have the ability to combine by means of pegs that the original Bruticus mold lacks. 
I am convinced the molds used for this set were second-generation, being cast off the toys themselves. Certain mold details are different, with smaller objects being shaped different and lines being spaced differently.
The upside-down G2 Autobot logos have been replaced with black stars.
Plastic quality is decent for a bootleg set. There are fragile spots, of course, but if you take care, the set
shouldn't break if you transform it. This is no guarantee, of course.... you can't even guarantee that with an
OFFICIAL set in all cases.
I will not be covering the combined form, since I won't actually be COMBINING this set.

Onslaught(Dreiler/Derailer)- A lot of effort went into this one. The only color differences are the red shoulder joints and foot clips (the pieces that hold the combiner pegs), and the gold camo painted in white. Note there are no stickers on the toy. Camo stickers are painted on, and others are just missing. The olive-green plastic is also a darker shade. Swindle's small gun was also placed in Onslaught's gun, and all package photos show it being there. The space under the dual cannon where Onslaught's head fits in base mode has been changed as well. The raised lines are gone, and a rectangular piece which fits in the back of Onslaught's head was added. The rubsign square on the truck is also filled in.

Brawl(Dangar/Danger)- Basically identical, except they painted the face red, when Dangar features orange eyes. A hole has also been added to the turret for the small gun to fit in tank mode. The bootleggers actually did a good job with the paint, matching the camo spots rather closely(it's not 100% accurate). Rather hard to trasnform, since joints were stuck. An extra circle star is also painted on the turret.

Swindle(Grijibar/Greenjeeper)- The green plastic and orange paint are darker shades. A white star is added to one side, while the circle star on one of his legs is missing. The "GV' lettering on the front of the Jeep has also been changed to "US". The hand holes are also too small, so I'd suggest not giving him a weapon unless you widen the hole. When shoving his small gun in one hand, the plastic cracked. Thankfully, it didn't break completely, and the fracture isn't that noticable.

Blast-Off(Shuttler)- No guns. They didn't include either his pistol or cannons in the set. He also lacks the olive-green"spray op" detailings on the shuttle body. An interesting change, though, is not only do both wings feature the circle star, but the undersides of the wings were painted as well. 

Vortex(Hepter)- The dark greenish-blue was changed to solid blue, and the red is a lighter shade. the white spray paint on the sides is gone, and white stars were added. This one also features a remold, with the rotors being a 2-piece blade that can fold up. This could be due to the fact the rotors seem impossible to remove. The side cannons were not included.

Accessories- The colors are all correct. The hands and feet lack the letter stamps, and the Bruticus head has a few details that were altered somehow. The faceplate and eyes are smaller, and a few other details are different. 


How about a hand for Justin??!! Now personally, I've seen this set all over the place here in So. Cal. Not only that, but there are at least five or six other sets of transforming toys packaged very similar to Booticus here. Now Justin tells me that these run about five bucks or so. I've personally seen them running anywhere from $5 to $10. It all depends on where ya run across them.