Episode One: The Bootleg Videotape

In case anybody may be interested, this is what the bootleg videotape of Star Wars Episode One looks like. Don't be fooled into thinking that you are purchasing the real thing. The movie has not been released on video yet.  

The front of the package the video comes on features the Episode One artwork that is used in the theatres. The quality is typical bootlegger quality. Poor. 
The back of the package features a capture of the scrolling plot synopsis. Note that nowhere on the packaging are any type of trademarks or copyrights.  
Here is the real kicker though.  
On the videotape, the bootleggers have included a sticker with the warning about not copying this tape or how it is for private use only and not for public showing. I think this shows alot of gall on the bootleggers part.  
As far as the quality of the movie goes, this particular one is actually tolerable. The picture is a little dark and the sound leaves much to be desired. Don't waste your money on this. You get what you pay for. Wait for the release of the authentic version of the movie. 

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