Bat Knight Batman Bootleg Toys

Without a doubt, these are probably the best looking and best packaged Batman bootleg toys I have ever seen. The paint jobs on these figures is outstanding. And the way that the bootleggers packaged these figures is great. 
The bootleggers took pics of Batman and Robin from the Batman And Robin movie and put them on this nice looking box. Then they went and put together some very cool looking figures. 


Here is a shot of part of the box. You can see the pic of George Clooney as Batman along with the name of this line of bootleg toys.
Get a load of the cape. There is a silver Bat Logo painted on the back. All three of these figures have a silver Bat Logo painted on the capes.
The accessories for these figures are a couple of rifle like weapons and a missile. The missile fits into one of the rifles and can actually be launched.






Here is the first Batman figure. He is painted silver over  the black plastic that the figure is made of.
Batman stands about ten inches tall. The detail in the face and the paint job on these figures is really well done.
Check out  the picture of Robin that is a part of the package. 







This is the second Batman in this series. The figure is exactly the same as the one pictured above. Only Batman's costume is now red and black.






Here is a yellow and black Batman figure. Like the others in this series, he stands ten inches tall and has great detail in the face. 
These three figures are the only ones in this series. 







This is a pic of the back of the box. The box measures about 14" X 12" and is 2" deep. 
As usual, there are no trademarks or copyrights anywhere on the box.

I gotta tell ya, this is one neat set of figures. If ya ever see them, I suggest you pick them up. The Bat Knight series of bootleg toys are probably the best ones I have ever seen.

Just when I thought I had the complete set of Bat Knight figures, my buddy Jorge sends me a new version. 


This was a great find! Props to Jorge for scoring this bad boy for me!

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